The iPhone Evidence

Today I downloaded all the recent photos from my iPhone, taken at random, in most cases late on a Saturday night.  And so I considered the evidence of my life in London.  Conclusion: I dance, I eat and I drink too much.  However, to be fair, would I ever photograph myself hard at work in the British Library? No.

Here is some tango being danced in the street… at 4am, post-Jagerbombs…

… And some less successful tango (?) post-vodka punch (??)

I don’t know what this is….

And here is a picture of two sensational puddings – two at once! – so good that I didn’t think to photograph them until they had been mostly eaten.  Chocolate orange mousse and lemon tart.  No-one even tried to choose between them.

There are just a couple of redeeming pictures that testify to me having been outside in daylight too – if one is discerning enough to tell that the the flowers came directly from from Columbia Road flower market.  They are beautiful.  It is amazing how they also make my kitchen look beautiful just by association.  I will have to move them from room to room with me so that the beauty follows wherever I go.

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