Today I was reading the back of a jar of Ovaltine, searching for the required number of teaspoons-ful, but getting sidetracked by nutritional information, when I noticed that the HQ of Ovaltine UK is based in Pewsey, Wiltshire!!!!  This will mean nothing to most people, but I grew up there and still have never before been aware that it is the location of a National Corporation!  How unlikely!!  However, I will continue to refer to Pewsey as the site of the longest-running (and in my opinion, BEST) annual carnival in Britain, rather than ‘Pewsey, home of Ovaltine’.

Second revelation of the morning: how incredibly well double cream, condensed milk and lemon juice work together!  Yes, they were supposed to be put on top of a biscuit base, go into the fridge and be produced this evening with a smug flourish, topped with blueberries.  However, I carelessly didn’t scrape all of the mixture from the bowl, so had to eat the remains with the wooden spoon, a blueberry placed on top of each mouthful, like fashionable ‘deconstructed’ pudding canapés.  The sort that get handed round at highly glamorous functions on ‘imaginative’ platters made from sheet glass or concrete, the waitress keeping them aloft on one shaking arm with grim determination.  It made for a quite superlative elevenses I thought.

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